Visit Doi Inthanon National Park, driving through the beautiful scenery and Paddy fields. Visiting pagodas of the King and the Queen built by royal Thai air force to commemorate their 60th birthdays. At the pagodas you will admire beautiful scenery of the mountains in the park from the viewpoints there. Transfer to visit Karen hill tribe village. Stop at Hill tribe market and on a return trip visit Wachiratharn waterfall.

Kiew Mae Pan Nature trail, getting truly experience by walking 3 kilometers or 2.5-3 hours along Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail through the beautiful green forest, passing giant Rhododendrons (Dec-Feb), waterfalls and streams which leads to a cliff where you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views.

Mae Klang luuang Nature trail. This trail will get you well away from the main tourist route and allow you to see a very interesting cross section of this stunning national park. The trail will first follow a forested route downhill before the trail meets the river.

You will spend some time following the river. The trail will pass Pa Dok Siew Waterfall where at the base if you want to cool off please feel free to take a dip in the cool waters. The trail will eventually open out into agricultural land which surrounds Mae Klang Luang Karen village. you will see coffee bushes and rice paddies. We will make a stop at a local coffee house where they roast, hand grind and prepare freshly brewed coffee form the hills surrounding the village.