If Vietnam in your eyes is a country engulfed in war, then let PrestiGo Asia paint a perfect picture and far from what you used to imagine. Travel to Vietnam will totally be the next target on your bucket list travel.

A country of rich and diverse natural landscape

Vietnam is located at a favorable location in terms of geography, climate, and natural conditions. Indeed, Vietnam has a length of about 1650km, a coastline of more than 3,000 km, and many islands of different sizes. This country is gifted with diverse terrain and landscape from north to south, from east to west. With more than 3,000 National Heritage and 8 UNESCO-recognized World Heritages, travel to Vietnam is a great opportunity for an amazing exploration of various types of fantastic landscapes.


Tham Ma Pass – The winding mountain pass in Ha Giang


Sea of rice in Mu Cang Chai


Sapa – Locally known as the “town of clouds”

You can explore the winding passes around the towering mountains in Ha Giang, and get lost in the immense sea of rice in the beautiful terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai. Experience 4 seasons in just one day in Da Lat or Sapa, ride a jeep on the fine sand hills of Mui Ne and bask on the cruise sundeck in majestic Ha Long. Explore the world’s largest natural cave at Son Doong, and cool down at one of the finest waterfalls in the world, Ban Gioc. Live in the water world moving to the rhythms of the mighty Mekong, or go snorkeling under the clear fresh water in Pearl Paradise Island, Phu Quoc.


Ban Gioc Waterfall – One of the best waterfalls in the world


Snorkeling on the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc

A country of delicate cuisine that cannot be copied

Vietnamese culinary art is getting more and more popular over the world. Even the broth of the noodle soup in the local market became a challenge in America Masterchef, then gave contestants a “headache” to reach the original taste.


Hu Tieu – Vietnamese Noodle Soup which gave Masterchef contestants a “headache” to reach the original flavor

Vietnamese cuisine takes fresh food as the core, combined with many different cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, grilling, simmering, frying, and even eating raw. Spices are subtly seasoned to retain the original flavor of the ingredients.


Bun Cha – A Must-try Vietnamese Food

Each dish has its own seasoning as well as a dipping sauce like the fish sauce. The culinary quintessence stimulates many senses. Indeed, nice and colorful preparation, attractive aroma, pleasant chewing sound, and finally great taste.


Banh My – Vietnamese Sandwich To Fall In Love With


A hot bowl of Thang Den in freezing weather in Ha Giang

You must hear about typical names like Pho, Hu Tieu, Banh My, and Bun Cha. But coming to Vietnam, you get to savor more than that. Each part of the country contributes its own delicacy and specialties which you only fully enjoy in this land.


Com Lam – “Bamboo-Tube Rice” is a Vietnamese rice dish in the northwest mountainous area


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A country imbued with cultural identity and combined with 54 ethnic groups

With 54 ethnic groups in the Land of Blue Dragons, every moment of exploration will never be tasteless or boring. Each piece of land is bold with regional identity, cultural stories, and history spanning thousands of years.


Vietnam – A colorful country with contributions from 54 ethnic groups

Experiencing many ups and downs, Vietnamese culture is still preserved during global integration. The astonishing festivals, religious rituals, and interesting customs and practices are among the most attractive things for tourists.


Ao Dai & Non La – typical images of Vietnam Costume

Not only Ao Dai or Non La, do not miss the chance to taste a true Vietnam! Join the traditional dances of each ethnic group, try on original ethnic clothes, and act as a local to experience authentic local life.


Performances with various nice costumes in Ban Gioc Waterfalls


Try the ethnic group clothes on to experience local life in each area

A country ideal for cost-saving and easily accessible to neighboring countries

It is undeniable that tourism to Southeast Asia is increasingly favorite, particularly travel to Vietnam. The low cost must be one of the top reasons.

As a developing agricultural country, service costs in Vietnam remain relatively cheap compared to other countries. The cost of transportation, accommodation, food, or even daily stuff makes foreign tourists surprised when converting into dollars. Many people gave an exclamation of shock. The quality of service is much better than the amount paid.

With a reasonable cost, you have a wonderful journey to many charming scenes, yummy food; and the warmest greetings from friendly and hospitable people.

Moreover, given the geographical advantage, Vietnam is easily accessible to neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Choosing this county as a connecting point to make full use of your vacation time.




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