Steeped in spirituality and diverse cultural traditions”

Blissfully untouched by mass tourism, Myanmar offers visitors a rare opportunity to seemingly travel back in time. Situated at the crossroads between the Indian continent and the rest of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a melting pot of cultures made up of more than 135 different ethnic groups, each with its own history, culture, and language. This diversity is a haven for foodies looking to sample the many regional specialties of Burmese cuisine which range from earthy curries to flavoursome soups.

Buddhism plays an important role in Burmese society as evidenced by the many temples and monasteries dotted throughout the country. In Bagan alone, there are more than 2,000 temples and pagodas still standing from the 10th to 13th centuries.

Myanmar is blessed with spectacular natural scenery from the idyllic Inle Lake, home to the unique Intha leg rowers, to the unspoilt Mergui Islands. However, the bustling city of Yangon is the best place to witness the country in transition, where century-old buildings from the British colonial period vie for space with the emerging modern skyline.

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