“ An ancient town with its peaceful and romantic where a thousand colorful lanterns illuminated ”

Once considered as the most prosperous town and the busiest trading port in the 15th-16th centuries, Hoi An has well-preserved its beauty over hundreds of years. Hoi An today is recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage and rewarded high rankings in the world tourism destination election. Hoi An is nestled close to the gentle and winding Thu Bon River, along with rows of low-rise buildings influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture, is a city of romance and peace, so every corner of the Hoi An is poetic and gentle with the dominant yellow tones of the houses. You will fall in love with Hoi An by the beauty of thousands of colorful lanterns that shine every time the sun goes down. Hoi An is the perfect- place for you to shake off your worries and relish your time.


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