Vinh Long province in not only well-known for its typical fruit-laden fruit gardens of the West River with the boundless rice paddies but also famous for the “Red Kingdom’ Mang Thit brick kiln. The people call” Red Kingdom” is the name that folk give to the land of Vinh Long with the largest traditional brick and ceramic craft villages in Mekong Delta.

Entrance to the village from the beginning, visitors can observe the red kilns against the blue sky creating an amazing scene. Mang Thit brick kiln is the most famous and largest traditional village producing bricks and red ceramics in the Mekong Delta, with a history of hundreds of years.


Mang Thit brick kiln stretches for more than 30km in Vinh Long city, Long Ho and Mang Thit districts, located by the poetic Co Chien rivers, bringing an impressive red color among the typical rivers of the Western provinces. Each kiln roof, each row of bricks blends with the natural scenery of the river, typical of the unmistakable ceramic brick village. These things have made this place an attractive and interesting place to visit in the West.


Coming to Mang Thit pottery village, traveler will be able to witness firsthand all the stages of making fine art ceramic products such as choosing clay, kneading the earth, putting it into a molding mold, drying it in the sun, placing it in the oven, and burning it. You will have a chance to admire the ingenuity, meticulousness of the talented potters here. And don’t forget to choose your favorite items for decoration or as a gift.

In addition, you will be surprising the ceramic houses with unique and distinctive architecture of the land of Vinh Long. The entire house, from the roof, fence, walls to the items inside, is entirely made of ceramic, skillfully and harmoniously designed.

Let’s us take you to the “ Red Kingdom”.