The guest will be picked up at the hotel and drive to Magelang district to visit the Borobudur temple. The Borobudur is a Buddhist sanctuary, 40 km from Yogyakarta.

It is composed of many stupas and is nine floors high. The biggest stupa is on top of the Borobudur and is a symbol for Nirvana (the highest state a human being can reach in Buddhism). The Stupas underneath the “Nirvana stupa” represents the path a Buddhist has to take to reach Nirvana. After visiting Borobudur, the guest will continue his trip to Mendut and Pawon temple.

These are also Buddhist temples. As last, you will visit Candirejo village by Andong (traditional transport with horse and carriage). Candirejo village is a traditional village where ancient traditions are still followed. The village is best known for how it has maintained the authenticity of such traditions. This place it located in the Borobudur district, about 3 kilometers from the famous temple.